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Baby steps help your kids become independent with spending

The day that a child turns 18 can either be the most exciting or worst day of a parent's life. They're either moving off to college, moving out, or living at home to take classes at a local university.

However no matter where the kids are in their lives, parents want to make sure their children are ready to take on the financial responsibility that comes with adulthood. But how can parents do that without feeling like a helicopter parent?

Michael Markey Jr., co-founder and owner of Legacy Financial Network, talks about the baby steps parents can take to help their kids become more independent, and responsible, with their spending habits as they transition into adulthood.

For more information on how you can fireproof your finances, visitĀ www.legacyfinancialnetwork.comĀ or call 1-855-LFNETWORK.

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