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Fowling: New sport combining football and bowling coming to Grand Rapids

A new sport combining football and bowling is coming to Grand Rapids this winter, and it's called Fowling.

Fowling involves a set of bowling pins and a football; teams take turns throwing the football at the opponent's set of pins and try to knock them all down. The first team to knock down all of the opponent's pins first is the winner.

Laura Sullivan, the owner of Fowling Grand Rapids, discusses in more detail on how the game is played, and how the sport has become such a big hit.

They are also looking for managers and other employees to work at the Fowling Warehouse before their Grand Opening. Click here to apply.

The Fowling Warehouse will be located at 6797 Cascade Road South East in Grand Rapids, and is expected to be open for business in December.

For more information on the sport, employment opportunities and more, visit and follow them on Facebook.

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