Plainfield residents air concerns over contaminated well water

PLAINFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. - Residents shared concerns with township officials Thursday morning concerning contaminated wells near former Wolverine World Wide dumping sites.

The Plainfield Township Infrastructure Committee met to not only talk about the levels of contaminates, of PFAs, found in some area wells, but to give residents an update on the timeline for treating their water.

Officials told residents it takes time to test all of the locations and they are expanding areas of testing towards the Alpine Avenue section of Plainfield Township.  Many residents came voicing concerns of past and current health issues they believe could be connected to toxic tap water.

Officials say they are working to answer everyone's questions, including by email.


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  • jhonathin

    What a crock of hooey.
    these people are just fine and there only concern is letigously seeking compensation for some problems(mostly mental) that they all of a sudden have because they are in the vicinity of the bad water sites. Good luck. The lawyers are going to be the only winners in this case.