Thousands March For Our Lives in downtown GR

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- Thousands of people were on hand for the March For Our Lives at Rosa Parks Circle in downtown Grand Rapids at midday Saturday.

The Grand Rapids rally and march were organized by a nonpartisan group of students, who said they were marching "in protest of gun violence in schools. Following the lead of the students of Parkland, we have decided that enough is enough.

"We are marching for common sense gun control. We are marching for the victims and survivors of school shootings. We are marching for every student in every classroom across America who doesn’t feel safe at their own school. We are marching for our lives."

Similar marches were held throughout the nation Saturday, including in Grand Haven and Kalamazoo.


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  • Clucko

    Non-partisan? If you were ask 100 people at random what their political preference was the vast majority would be liberals. Guaranteed.

  • learnedmylesson25

    If anyone can figure out WHO they’re protesting against,let me know.The people that are killing these students are OTHER STUDENTS!!!Misguided,idealistic energy wasted,sponsored by Soros of course.

  • Kevin Rahe

    Specifically which laws do they think we have that are unjust, or that we should have but are missing? If the change you want is not obvious, then you need to be specific. Given the sentiments expressed in the photo, I would take it to mean they want prayer and morality brought back to our schools, so that kids grow up knowing that just because they CAN do something – whether with their body or a man-made tool – it doesn’t make it right to do it just because it’s something they think will have a desirable effect. There is a right way and a wrong way to use our abilities and our privileges.

  • Mac Woods

    I wonder when they’ll march against PP? Now there’s an organization that actually kills Americans to the tune of about 650k per year.

  • Robert E Lee

    Sheeple all of them!!!! Using their 1st amendment right (that they don’t even like – think safe speech zones) to try to remove our 2nd amendment right. Progressives have a mental disease. Maybe it can be cured with lots of fentanyl. LOL! – JK?