Garry Frank’s rant going viral

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – Spring hasn’t been the greatest so far in West Michigan and Meteorologist Garry Frank has been hearing about it.

And Tuesday, he’d had enough.

Mike Avery and Deanna Falzone were the recipients of this tirade, but Erica Francis and Nicole DiDonato hadn’t helped the situation earlier in the morning.  Be sure to watch through Robb Westaby’s attempt to follow with Traffic.

As of Thursday afternoon, the video of the rant posted on Facebook had over 172,000 views.  FOX 17 posted it on YouTube late Thursday and it already has over 6,000 views.

Garry will be talking about his weather issues with Tony Gates on WLAV-FM 96.9 at about 7:20 a.m. Friday and with Eric Zane on 107.3 FM after 7:30 a.m..  He’s also been on, where someone refers to weather people as the Sarah Huckabee Sanders of the news, and

And, of course, the weather is taking a nasty turn this weekend.  Don’t blame Garry. Please.

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    • Mr. Bill

      this is pure comic genius,garry and the morning team always bring it home.
      everyone else is just too straight laced way too tight. great team,,,keep it up.

  • Someonesomewhere

    That was the most refreshingly honest weather report Garry. Good for you!
    I’m tired of the perky weather women that feel they must hold their hands together in front of them and pump their arms forward and backwards from the shoulders down; what is with that behavior? It’s absolutely nutty. Seriously most of them perform this movement and it is annoying. All we want is the weather. We don’t want to wonder if they’re trying to fly.

  • David Faust

    Dude, you’re a weather guesser. Other than an IRS tax auditor, you’re about the most hated guy on the planet. Suck it up butter cup, either learn to live with it or do sumthin else.

  • Dan

    Let’s face it!!! It will never warm up. They keep saying wait a week but it never really happens. It never really will get warm again. This is the best we got. What is it? Our 7 th month of winter?

  • Jenny

    OH I LOVE it!!!! Years ago a weather guy in Chicago, John Coleman made reporting the weather SO MUCH FUN.
    There is nothing at all wrong with his little “rant.” Seems he had every reason and heck, we got the weather, and a chuckle too.

  • Returning Viewer

    Love this! Great job Garry:) So thankful for your sense of humor and keeping it real. I also loved Robb sticking his head in to make sure the coast was clear. I tuned in specifically this morning because I related. So refreshing to have people behave a little less scripted on TV.

    The continued snowy cold weather somehow became a little more bearable because of your “rant” .

  • ShellyMoe

    I’ve watched this clip four times. So funny! Way to go Garry. And then Rob at the end…too funny. I don’t live in this area so don’t watch that news station but still found this quite humorous. Even though folks try to remain professional, every one can reach a point where they’re just fed up. I especially chuckled when he made the comment about throwing in a 60 degree temp.

  • Jennifer

    I hope this man keeps his job. Yes, he’s annoyed, but his clear self control when he really wants to tell them all to F off is to be commended. I don’t know that I’ve had kept it together. It’s got to be tough to be a meteorologist this winter season.