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Man Falls Four Flights of Stairs At The B.O.B.

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.- Grand Rapids Police have confirmed that another person has fallen four flights at The B.O.B. Bar & Grill in downtown Grand Rapids.

The incident happened around 1:50 a.m. Sunday, May 12. It is confirmed that Kevin Richard O’Brien from Wyoming, 36 , was unresponsive when he was taken to the hospital. It is estimated that the fall was around 40 feet, police said.

He is currently in critical condition.

This fall comes less than one month from the death Central Michigan University student Zachary Bunting, 21,of Grand Ledge, who fell to his death after trying to slide down the railing of a stairway at The B.O.B.

Back in 2009, another man also fell down a staircase at the B.O.B.  Tylor Usher, 21, of Dorr had been celebrating his 21st birthday with friends when he fell 30 feet. He died two days later from a head injury he received in the fall.

After Bunting’s fall, The Gilmore Collection, which owns and operates the B.O.B. said, issued a statement:

” This is truly a tragedy and our thoughts and prayers go out to the victim’s family and friends..”                                                                                                                                                                            
-Greg Gilmore, Gilmore Collection

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      • IchooseNotToFall

        Directed to Gemtwim & Kate – With all due respect, I know you are joking with your thoughts posted above. I know this because no intelligent human with the ability to reason would blame the establishment when only three people out of the tens or hundreds of thousands that have frequented the B.O.B have fallen like in this incident. Come on, wake up – you are the problem in this country – no accountability and always looking to place blame elsewhere. Plain and simple truth right here at no charge to you – I just made you smarter. You're welcome.

        • YourIgnorant

          They just said make it safer. It's ignorant people like you that is the problem. 2 in less than a month? MAKE IT SAFER. If only you were more concerned with advancing our own intelligence, rather than trolling and flaming.

          • IchooseNotToFall

            Sorry, but you are wrong. The stairways obviously meets or exceed all necessary safety requirements and are legal. The owner(s) do not have to do anything to make them safer – you are the ignorant one. Thank you.

          • annoyed

            The only thing they can do right now to make it safer for drunk idiots who try to slide down railings that are 40 feet tall, or whatever else they're trying to do, is to close that back stairwell off. But then how will all the drunkies get to eve? It's called an elevator and if you don't wanna wait for the elevator then blame all the drunk people who can't hold their liquor. Stop blaming a business because people do stupid things when they are drunk.

    • annoyed

      Is it the BOB's job to babysit everyone who walks through that door? No. You are responsible for yourself when drinking, no one else, if you can't handle it then don't drink! Simple as that. Security guards are there to prevent as much damage as they can but they don't have an escort for every person who enters the building. If they did we'd all be paying way more in cover charge as opposed to the easy $5.

    • james_f

      And idiots do pass the screener for the Darwin Award by doing stupid things. If you sit on the rail and fall, we may assume that are an idiot. If you attempt to jump off the rail to steps on another level and fall you are also looking to remove yourself from the gene pool. Your family may mourn you but you are responsible for your stupid acts. There is entirely too much shifting of responsibility. You perform a stupid act and then blame someone else when you are successful. WRONG!!!!

    • tracy

      Then why hide your name and I hope and pray they shut this punk ass place down
      no different then the place in Allendale or the New Rosaveldt police are being called their and people are losing their life's take their liquor license just like the others

  • Scott

    It's not the stair or the BOB's fault that people are acting a fool. I want to know the blood alcohol of every person who has fallen down the stairs or over the balcony. Accountability people…

  • Debbie

    I will say it again . If there dumb enough to try it. Well this is what they get. Steps are for walking NOT the way there doing it.

  • Scherzerfan

    So it's okay that the BOB rakes in the money from selling you the alcohol but it's tuff toenails when you get hurt on their obviously flawed stairway. Isn't that like selling you a car with a defect but the average Joe should know that defect existed before you make the purchase. Certainly people should be their own keeper but if you are in the business to sell alcohol to people that are out to have a "good time" then you should be sharing in the responsibility to help get people out of there without falling over the edge. Some people do need to be protected from themselves. I am not familiar with the BOB but it seems to me that stairwell should have been made safer after the first person fell.

    • IchooseNotToFall

      I understand your point, but they don't sell you the alcohol, the consumer buys their alcohol. There is a difference. It is your choice. Yes, the average Joe should at least take all precautionary measures to get the car checked out before the purchase, to address the analogy, but I think many more people have been screwed with a used car purchase when compared to falling down a stair case at the BOB. I hope I am not "flaming….?"

  • RedesignedStairwell?

    Since its a 4 level BAR, they could consider breaking up the staircase, so that you can't fall through all 4 stories…

  • George

    + another 1 for the gene pool. All of you arguing that it should be made safer don't realize that as these stupid people die off it makes the future generations smarter because they aren't able to breed.

        • Jon

          Fuck you bitch. If I knew who you were I would find you and smack you down. Kevin was my friend!!!! The bob is responsible, they shouldnt serve alcohol next to a death trap. People drink at bars, there are large crowds accidents happen, fights happen people get too drunk but those choices should give you a hangover not a early entrance to heaven. So shut your fucking pie hole or just post me your name. Bitch

    • Jon

      Fuck you bitch. If I knew who you were I would find you and smack you down. Kevin was my friend!!!! The bob is responsible, they shouldnt serve alcohol next to a death trap. People drink at bars, there are large crowds accidents happen, fights happen people get too drunk but those choices should give you a hangover not a early entrance to heaven. So shut your fucking pie hole or just post me your name so I can come find you and give you the ass whipping you deserve. This guy was my friend, someone’s girlfriend someone’s son. So shut the fuck up!!!!!!

  • Kristy

    My cousin was the first person to die. It was stupid, it was his 21st bday and he was surely drunk. The BOB stairs suck though. They have little ridges that I find difficult to navigate sober in heels. If I fell down the stairs (not the center), while being jostled and I was sober (I'm not always out to drink), would it still be my fault? Would my damaged knee/ankles be "one for the gene pool"? I don't believe it's all the Gilmore's fault, but their stairs suck and could use a redesign (which they probably plan to do when they redesign the whole building in the next year). Making this convo kind of pointless…

    • tracy

      Sorry for your loss but it is the BOB and they will do nothing to the owners no matter how many lifes are lost it is sad but it is the old saying MONEY TALKS need I say more

  • klp

    Build an elevator….. If there is one, then this guy is stupid for trying to take the stairs if he was drunk. Sorry… but if you are too drunk and still try to take stairs when there is an elevator, then that's your fault. If there isn't any elevators, it should be required with any bar that is more than 1 floor b/c of these instances. I have never been in the BOB, but if their stairs are poorly designed, then they should be redone. So maybe, just maybe, this isn't just the guys fault… Hopefully he makes a full recovery.

  • Kelly

    The stairs are for fire escape so why not close the use of those stairs unless there is an actual emergency? Seems to be the obvious answer. The B.O.B. is notoriously know for overserving and since it is doubtful that is going to change and hard to control since sometimes it is hard to tell just how intoxicated a person depending on tolerance why not just eliminate the possibility of something like this happening again. There is a main stair well & an elevator. Yes it is always congested but perhaps they are letting too many people in? So many factors, but the best way to eliminate this from happening again is to eliminate the problem all together.

  • Anonymous

    Idiotic comments. Has anyone obtained blood alcohol levels? Did anyone say he was riding the railing? None of us know. But I do know Kevin, and he does not deserve the malicious comments that some people make. Grow up.

    • Kelly

      I agree. While I dont know him, people are so quick to judge. Casting stones all over the place. I am a relative of the young man who fell a few weeks ago and while it was preventable it does not by any means condone rude and downright vile comments the were posted all over his stories. Regardless of the situations these people have family and friends who are hurting so try to think about others affected before firing off ignorance. Especially with Mr. Obrien's case where details are not even reported. All anyone should be doing is wishing him and his loved ones the best during this obvuiously difficult and traumatic time.

    • tracy

      They will never disclose the BA levels as it is the BOB but anybody does not bad or harsh comments except the owners of the Bob

  • Anonymous

    As an adult, and parent, I find it horrific, but as a citizen I want to know the BA of all those that have died. Since the all occured after midnight, I'd guess that they were all well over 1.0.

  • Scherzerfan

    I get the point that people should take responsibility for their actions, I feel the same way. However, I also think that some people give the human race way too much credit for being smart enough to think for themselves and make reasonable choices. That's why I think the BOB should be looking out for patrons by sticking a few bucks into a safer stairway. Why is that so much to ask for? What, when you serve alcohol at a party, you don't care how much your friends drink. Do friends let friends drive drunk?

    • NotAFanOfScherzerfan

      Maybe you should slow down with the replies and suggestions until you ARE familiar with the environment you're making suggestions about. You seem to making knee jerk reactions to a situation you are only minimally knowledgeable of. Are you just trying to convince the world you are really smart and should be taken seriously, if so leave elementary school behind and grow up

      • Jon

        It’s one thing to go on a site a troll about politics or sports but when someone has died how about showing his friends and family a little respect . You didn’t know the guy and believe me he was a good guy who’s only mistake was walking to close to the railing and have the rush of the crowd leaving the bar push him over the side. So I’ll say it one more time to the person who is posting things steps are for walking, well he was walking not sliding down a rail. And to the guy who posted that he was a stupid person and the world is better off without him I say again. Please give me your first and last name. That’s all I want I’ll take care of the rest, but you won’t give me your real name cause your a chicken shit who lives in their parents basement trolling on the Internet all day.

  • Bonna

    Yes people are adults and should know when to stop drinking, The bartenders should stop serving them if they are drunk and this is the 2nd person in the past year that this has happened to Whose fault is it? My guess is it is everyones BOBs need to look at that staircase and either close it or fix it. Bartenders need to be educated on when to cut of the drinkers and well people need to accept responsibility for there own actions

  • tracy

    Ok yes it is the peoples fault but come on what is the difference between this bar having fatal deaths and injuries then the New Rosevelt or the place out in Allendale oh yea the BOB caters to the richer type of people and spends more in taxes so they can continue to operate without any warnings or repercussions.
    I am tired of these so called rich people getting away WITH MURDER as in my eyes they have taken no steps to correct this issue.After writing this I will probably catch flax but I dont care I have no use for no BARS !! My issues are with the way owners are treated if this was any other Bar they would be shut down after the first indecent let alone 3.
    They could put up netting to keep people off the rails or cut them off from drinking when they have had enough or put security on the stair wells to stop this from happening. But no the BOB will go on and nothing will be done because they cater to the wealthy and the local law and politicians that are afraid of these owners.

  • Grand Rapidian

    I'm sure the owners, management & staff feel sick about this situation. This restaurant helped pioneer making our downtown the great place that it is today. They are vested in our community like few other places. It's probably not the best design for a licensed establishment to try to supervise. My thoughts and prayers are with the family of this man.

  • Nicole

    Does the Gilmore collection have that statement on file!? Because they used the exact same statement in the last two incidents!

    • Jon

      Final point. It’s a bars responsibility to not serve someone if they are too dunk. Bars cut people off all the time so even I all three of these victims had high blood alcohol levels the bar is still responsible

  • james_f

    Raise the rail and idiots will just climb them… this was another case of a Darwin Award winner who self nominated to be removed from the gene pool. People are looking for businesses to idiot proof their premises, but idiots will find a way.

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