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Top FOX 17 Online Clicks of 2015

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – Everyone has their Top Lists of 2015, so here are the top 17 local stories that you clicked on on FOX17Online.com.

I’ve excluded pages like the Weather radars, closings, Morning Mix, etc., because they are always there and in-demand.  I also excluded national viral stories that we didn’t produce here.

Lastly, I excluded a couple of stories about missing people who were found–safe–shortly after the story was posted. Stories like that get shared a lot (so they get a lot of clicks), and if I bring them up again, they’ll get shared (even though the people are, again, safe).  There were also two more stories about the I-94 pile up, but the fireworks one was easily the most clicked-on.

Thank you for using us as a news source in 2015, and we look to do even better in 2016.

  1. Truck carrying fireworks crashes in I-94 pileup – January
  2. Family hurt in crash with fire truck on I-196 – November
  3. Man charged with felony for passing out fliers by courthouse – December
  4. Coast Guard patrol catches views of Lake Michigan shipwrecks – April
  5. Mason Co. checks into Boston Baby Doe case, connection to Baby Kate? – July
  6. Refunds for Verizon and Sprint users – May (and December)
  7. Teachers announce snow day in Miley Cyrus song – January
  8. Fruitport home infested with thousands of rats – May
  9. Earthquake felt in West Michigan – May
  10. Tornado touches down in Portland – June
  11. Dogs rescued from Oscoda breeding mill – December
  12. Photos of suspects slashing tires in Kalamazoo – October
  13. Missing – Baby Natallya found dead – May
  14. Explosion at pot facility in Hamilton – December
  15. Muskegon student sent home for prom dress code violation – April
  16. Photo of birthday cake goes viral for good reasons – December
  17. Surfer rescues teen from drowning in Grand Haven – August

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  • Andrew

    Out of curiosity, what exactly is implied by using the number of clicks as a criterion? Are you trying to say that these articles are the most appreciated? Best written? Most newsworthy? Most popular? What exactly does a click represent that it would reflect on the content of a page?

    • Bob Brenzing

      It is the number of page views that were recorded in Google Analytics for FOX17Online.com. The Weather page is always #1. Stories from other sources that are viral (like “what color is the dress”) I excluded because it wasn’t produced here or about a local interest. Not really about what was most important – just what our users clicked on the most.

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