Boyfriend of crash victim: ‘I hope everybody gets a chance to meet her in heaven’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — The boyfriend of a young woman killed when her car was hit by a vehicle being chased by police Saturday said he hopes everyone gets a chance to meet her in heaven.

Tara Oskam, 21, of Grand Rapids, a junior at Calvin College, was northbound on Broadmoor at 52nd Street when her vehicle collided with another vehicle fleeing from police during a high-speed chase.

Oskam and a passenger in the other vehicle both were pronounced dead at the scene.

"If there is anything I want people to know, it's that she was everything to me and I long for people to find the same kind of love with someone that I had with her," Oskam's boyfriend, Chad Beisel, told FOX 17. "There is not a soul on this world that was as amazing as her, and that I hope everyone gets a chance to meet her in heaven."

He also added that "today marked one and a half years together" for the two of them.

"She was a South Christian High School graduate, a speech pathology major and lived with friends in the campus apartments," said Calvin College president Michael LeRoy, "Recognized as a gifted student and campus leader, Tara was loved and admired by many."

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  • Gary McPherson

    Big Johnson. So ignorant. Must have have been an illegal immigrant, right? Because no legal citizen would do something so horrendous as this. The fact is, most illegal immigrants are better “citizens” than a lot of the legal citizens in our country. This person speeding at more than 80 MPH illegally through an intersection killing three people is a thoughtless, heartless individual that cares about no one including himself. This has absolutely nothing at all to do with ones legal status.

    BTW, just my 2 cents, the wall is poor allocation of our already limited funds.

  • Nicole

    You all realize that Big Johnson is a troll trying to get a response, right? Congrats on sinking to his level.
    Prayers to the family of Tara.

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