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Concrete contractor from Problem Solver report seen soliciting for customers in Allegan

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Some of the mugshots of Aaron Weaver - Van Buren Co.

ALLEGAN, Mich. – The Allegan County Sheriff is warning residents that a person featured in a FOX 17 Problem Solvers report is trying to get hired to do concrete work in the area.

The sheriff made the alert on Facebook earlier Tuesday.

In the FOX 17 report from May 16, we told you about Aaron Weaver, who owns Weaver Concrete in Paw Paw.  He’s been accused of ripping off a couple in Niles, Michigan.

Problem Solvers ran his criminal background and found out not only did he plead guilty to felony home invasion, he’s also been charged three different times with operating as an unlicensed building contractor, impersonating a public officer, on multiple drug charges, writing a fraudulent check, and driving without a license numerous times.  He has  court judgments against him and disputes totaling nearly $38,000 in four different counties in Michigan and more in Indiana.

The Allegan Sheriff says that he allegedly went to residence in the Allegan area to give an estimate on a concrete driveway and requested that the homeowner pay cash up front.

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    • Shawn

      Right this minute he is walking around with 18000 laughing that he is getting more business from this and got a big job in Holland tomorrow 90 yards

  • Nancy Rainey

    Weaver took $7500 from me to water proof my basement 8/15. He was personally responsible for a great deal of damage to my property and my basement is still very wet. He refuses to refund any money, refuses to try to correct the problem. He also lied about being licensed, of course.

  • sarah jennings

    He owes me $6,000. I’m not sure if this will help or not but he did have attorney adam bancroft in bangor, in my case. maybe you can contact his attorney, get help that way. He is not and will pay anybody. He owns the company with his dad contact his dad. jerry depro.

    • Amanda Deprow

      Aaron Weaver is definitely ,100% for sure NOT in business with his STEP father; ‘Mr. Deprow!’
      Please don’t comment false and poorly updated information about a business man that clearly you know nothing about.

  • Diana & Frank Holub

    He got the 12,000.00 from us did not do the job. Would not co me back and finish the job. Plus he left a big mess holes i yard trees he knocked down cement from the building. Found out it will cost an extra 5850.00 to get it cleaned up and fill in all the holes. So we have the $12000.00 he got pus it cost $6500.00 to finish the cement work and now on top of that clean up for 5850.00 to clean around the wedding chapel we where trying to do. So he is costing us one way or the other. comes to $24,350.00 . Very heart breaking. Don’t know if we will be able to get our wedding chapel done now thanks to Weaver Concrete.

  • Jacqueline McCuddy

    For legit concrete work contact D&J handy services out of Dowagiac, Michigan. There is a Facebook page to see photos of recent and past work.

  • deepseaconcrete

    This is so irritating, I own DeepSeaConcrete.com and as a concrete contractor he makes all of us look bad. This is why people are so hesitant to even contact contractors anymore. Find him and lock him up!

      • Nancy Rainey

        I’m really sorry to say but DeepSeaConcrete is correct, at least in my case. After Weaver stealing $7500 from me, I am scared to hire anyone to do work on my property. I have a lot of things that I need to do but have can’t figure out who’s legit and who is a thief like Weaver.

    • Diana & Frank Holub

      Police won’t take a police report. They say it is a civil matter. So this means the people he has ripped off have to spend more money to take him to court. Then if you do get a judgement for him to pay you back you never get your money back anyway and you spend more of your hard earned money because of him. It seems to be a no win situation for all of us that he has stolen from. I guess that is American justice anymore. Honest hard working people don’t count.

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