Teen enters plea deal for Kent Co. gun thefts

Desiree Taggart

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – A 17-year-old is pleading guilty in connection with two gun thefts in the West Michigan area.

The Kent County Prosecutor Chris Becker tells FOX 17 that Desiree Taggart will plead guilty to one count of being an accessory after the fact to a felony in exchange for having two counts of breaking and entering dropped.

Taggart was one of several teen suspects in break-ins at the Cabela’s store in Grandville and Barracks 616 in Cascade Township where dozens of guns were stolen.

Taggart will be sentenced on December 21.

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  • Ralph

    So the Dems whine about gun control. Then a gun crime is committed and nothing more than a slap on wrist .
    Well gee wiz….wonder why the system is broke

  • jerry

    Kent County Prosecutor Chris Becker doing a great job making plea bargains, why not charge the people with every- thing he can . put a stop to the low lifes from breaking entering other peoples property the police do there jobs and he lets them off with a slap on the hand

  • Clucko

    Remember her name. You’ll see it again because she has no respect for laws, and the light sentence she’s going to get won’t change it one bit.

  • Ben There

    Because you need that 100% conviction rate! If you let a murderer off with littering, you are 1 for 1 in convictions. Also, don’t multiple charge because if you convict on 2 of 4 charges you get a nasty 50% conviction rate….To heck with conviction rates. Charge ALL of the appropriate crimes, and if you convict on 2 or 3 of 4 charges I’m happy. Fear of failure, and elections stops many a prosecutor. That and not being a good trial attorney. Word is depth are logging his refusal to prosecute felony cases, even with mirandized confessions.