Heated public hearing over Hastings Vicious Animals ordinance

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HASTINGS, Mich. — A controversial subject in Hastings went under the public microscope Monday night.

It had to do with what’s called the city’s ‘Vicious Animals’ ordinance.  It has been on the table for a few weeks and has caused a lot of uproar. Some residents say the language of the ordinance targets certain breeds.

Mayor pro tem Bill Redman says it will hold dog owners accountable, and says they’ve been pushing for citizens to understand the bill before they shoot it down.

For a lot of residents, just the fact that the proposal mentions breeds is a no-go.  They argue it unfairly categorizes certain breeds, like pit bulls, as dangerous.

Monday night marked another hold up for the ordinance in the wake of strong words from some in attendance.  That included Patty Richardson, a representative for the Humane Society.

“It’s like profiling the pit bull,” Richardson said. “And at the animal shelter, I would think more people would adopt the pit bull mixes if they didn’t have a bad rap.”

The city council decided to hold off on a vote until they could figure out logistics for people with working dogs, and work out issues of insurance for people who are bitten by breeds spelled out in the ordinance.

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  • Tony Solesky

    At some point commonsense about dangerous Pit Bulls needs to win out over animal advocacy nonsense!

    From the year 2000 to presently in 2017, Takata airbags caused 13 deaths and 180 injuries, from among 42 million affected USA cars on the road, activating the largest recall in US history. Since 2016, IKEA children,s furniture killed 8 toddlers, implementing the recall of 17 million children’s chests of drawers.

    During this same time frame, pit bulls have caused 328 US deaths, including seven (7) citizens of Michigan. From among the CDC estimated each year, 4.5 million dog bites incidents in America -an incident rate greater than 1 every 15 seconds. Pit Bulls cause multi thousands of Trauma level 1 injuries . In 2017 alone, pit bulls caused 28 US deaths, including 1 year old Susannah Murry of Kent County, this is along with 2.5 Trauma level 1 wounded daily. Pit Bulls only make up about 6 to 7 million of the estimated 86 to 90 million dogs in the USA.

    I wonder out loud, with Zero (0) public resistance, Takata airbags and IKEA furniture combined for a total of (21) deaths in the last 18 years leading to two of the largets recalls in US history? How on the other hand and on far more grossly horrific numbers with – (7) more deaths beyond the combined totals in both recalls, people advocate for pit bulls, a completely unnecessary risk in pet keeping ?

    Would Pit Bull owners think it is cute to have a Pit Bull sitting in the front seat riding in a car with faulty airbags? How about a Pit Bull with its bedding placed at the foot of some IKEA furniture? Yet, these kooks have less concerned for fellow citizens and put their own children around them, often posting the pictures on facebook.

    Today we rely on cross referencing the total bites reported with calls for service and reports by, Fire/EMT , Police, Trauma 1 ER intake, medical insurance claims, liability insurance claims, civil suits , criminal charges , attack incidents ending in death, tracking the breeds associated to each bite/mauling incident. Also the dog breed confirmation most often corresponding to existing or proposed breed bans and legislation. In all vocations Pit Bulls are over represented 100 fold beyond any recall standard.

  • Louise Siegel

    If a group of foreign terrorists was responsible for the serious, severe, and fatal injuries to people pets and livestock that pit bull type dogs are involved in, we would be declaring WAR!

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