Police: Dog killed after attacking child, man and another dog

KALAMAZOO, Mich. --  An investigation underway after police say a dog bit two people and attacked another dog before police shot and killed it.

This happened at a home in the 1500 block of East Stockbridge in Kalamazoo just before 9:30 p.m. Friday.

When police arrived, they found that the Rottweiler bit an 11-year-old in his arm then attacked another dog before biting an adult in his hand.

Officers called animal control to assist and were able to corner the dog in a fenced in yard.

However, due to the threat the dog was posing to officers and the public, an officer shot and killed the dog.

Both victims were taken to the hospital for evaluation.

Police say it is not yet clear if the Rottweiler's owner will face criminal charges.

This is the second dog attack in Kalamazoo that we have reported on in the last month in the 1100 block of Lay Boulevard in Kalamazoo  that left a child in critical condition.


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  • Robert E Lee

    Is this bill again? or just someone as ignorant as bill. What do you do? exterminate 2 whole breeds from the planet? you sound like a NAZI! Rots are not as big of a “problem” as pits. Both are the way they are due to there upbringing. Part of the problem is criminals and thugs mostly own these dogs. the dogs should not be exterminated. Criminals and thugs should not be allowed to own these dogs. They are not supposed to own a gun so why a dog that may snap and kill.I think maybe there should be a license issued for ownership of the dogs and they be fixed (all enforced locally). If someone knows of a thug / criminal that has a aggressive dog, they get reported and arrested. Another thing is you make breeders accountable for the dogs they sell and limit the amount of breeders. Banning the dog is not fair to the good sweet pits and rots or to good dog owners.

    • pitbullaware

      Why did this dog attack and not stop? Because that’s what it was intentionally bred to do.

      It’s cruel to breed the dogs intentionally created to attack UNPROVOKED and PROLONGED. This dog is dead because he did what he was bred to do.

      What we’re doing is not working. Fines alone don’t work as the wealthy simply pay them and the poor simply don’t.

      Our prisons are too expensive and overcrowded already.

      New laws are needed. Charge all owners/ users/handlers of dogs that severely injure or kill humans, dogs, farm animals, or cats away from the dog’s home, with animal neglect and cruelty

      Immediately remove all dogs from their possession and property.

      Found guilty, ban them all from any dog ownership or contact for LIFE.

      Signs must be posted:
      No Dogs Permitted

      The FBI tracks animal abusers as studies show that those who are cruel to animals are disproportionately dangerous to society. The FBI can become the registry for these animal abusers, too

      Publicized and enforced this breed neutral affordable law will begin to make dog owners care enough to prevent that first attack.

      Publicized and enforced this law will begin to reduce the breeding of mauling dogs as demand will be reduced.

      Publicized and enforced it will end recidivism.

      Some dog owners show that they are happy to put the safety and well-being of others , family/ neighbors/passersby, pets/people, at risk.

      This new law would put their LIFETIME dog privileges at risk as well.