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Michigan’s ‘Move Over’ law now protects more kinds of workers on roads

MONTAGUE, Mich. -- Gov. Rick Snyder has signed legislation that protects all emergency vehicles, as well as utility vehicles, pulled over on the side of the road. Before, the law included law enforcement and first responders, as well as tow trucks and other emergency vehicles with red flashing lights.

It's good news for tow truck drivers like Andrew Heykoop with Eagle Towing in Montague.

“Now it actually covers tow trucks exclusively, regardless of what color their lights were,” Heykoop said.

You now have to switch lanes or slow down to 10 miles below the posted speed limit for tow trucks, garbage trucks, utility vehicles, or maintenance vehicles.

You might remember back in 2015, a Muskegon tow truck driver was hit by a car while clearing pile-ups on 31.

Luckily, that driver survived. But Heykoop says he has close calls all the time while working.

“It really depends. It’s probably 60/40 against, on who actually slows down and moves over. It's really crazy. Some people care, some people don't,"  Heykoop says.

Now, if you're caught not moving over you could get a $400 ticket. It's something Heykoop hopes changes things for drivers like him.

“Every person has had someone that they’ve known, or heard about, that’s been seriously hurt, or even killed,” Heykoop said.

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1 Comment

  • James Walker

    This is an EXTREMELY dangerous new law that will likely cause some serious high-speed crashes on freeways. We tried hard to stop the bill, but neither the Governor’s top legislative aide nor the top Michigan State Police command officer would meet with us in person. Here is the problem with the new law to move over AND slow down to 10 below the limit. The slowest 85% of cars on rural freeways travel at speeds at or below 78 to 83 mph under good conditions. Cars have posted limits of 70, trucks are 65. Sometimes this means a car or truck will suddenly jerk to the left lane braking to 60 or 55 mph right in front of a car going 78-83 mph with a speed differential of 15 to 25+ mph. It is a recipe for disaster. The law should have remained move over OR slow down which is much safer for everyone.
    James C. Walker, National Motorists Association, Ann Arbor

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