Excessive Heat Warning Issued for West Michigan

Deputies: Suspect in crash that killed a father and son commits suicide in jail

Joseph Hanna

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich– A suspect ordered to stand trial for allegedly killing a Marine and his father in a car crash is dead.

The Kent County Sheriff’s Department tells FOX 17 during a routine check on Friday night, a Kent County Corrections Deputy found Joseph Hanna in medical distress in his cell due to a suicide attempt. Correctional and medical staff attempted life-saving measures but he was pronounced dead at 10:41 p.m.

Hanna had been incarcerated at the Kent County Jail since May 16 and had been facing multiple charges including second degree murder stemming from a January 2018 crash that killed a U.S. Marine and his father.

U.S Marine Joel Kinsey

According to court filings, Hanna, who had been under the influence of marijuana, intentionally rammed a vehicle in Oakfield Township driven by Jerry Kinsey. His son, Joel Kinsey, a 20-year-old U.S. Marine was killed in the collision. His father later died from his injuries.

Joseph Hanna was initially arrested after the January crash on a warrant related to a fire at his home that happened back in June 2017. Police believe he was ‘making butane hash oil when the butane ignited blowing up the residence,’ according to an affidavit filed at the time.



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  • We the people

    Did I read that right, under the influence of marijuana caused the crash that killed two people, we will be hearing a lot more of that now won’t we.

    • Coward's Way Out

      Right you are but the police report stated it was a Road Rage incident that caused the crash by intentional ramming according to other motorists + he was a Habitual Offender facing Life in Prison.

    • lml25

      No backing out now–we’re stuck with legal weed smoking.Maybe we should eliminate brakes on cars too–while we’re passing stupid laws.

    • Karen Keshner

      Jerry, you are so right. I get so sick of listening to the news because of the stupidity of the people anymore. It is amazing to go to other countries news sites and read their commentary on how stupid our laws and people are. I so hardly agree with them, but I am one voice of common sense over a bunch of idiot’s. The movie “Idiocracy”, well it’s coming live to a city near you. You no longer have you YouTube it… Sorry USA, you have been bottle feeding your babies too long and letting the government to get to big.. Now nobody can play together, soon we will be another 3rd world country.. the few rich and the rest will be poor slaves.. look around, where is the middle class?

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