107.3 FM flips to country format, replacing WBBL Sports

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — WBBL sports is no more. At least not on 107.3 FM. Country music was heard coming across the radio airwaves on that frequency in West Michigan on Friday, after being home to a sports format for nearly 16 years.

Before that, WBBL began as a sports-talk station on 1340 AM. After WBBL left the AM side and went to FM, 1340 AM became home to NewsTalk 1340 WJRW in August 2009. Citadel Broadcasting sold the West Michigan cluster of stations in 2011 to Cumulus Media.

Eric Zane Show – Facebook page

107.3 WBBL-FM morning-show host Eric Zane announced on social-media that there was a “mass firing” at the station. He tweeted, “We had no idea. Thanks for all the support…”.  The “Eric Zane Show” came to the WBBL airwaves with much fanfare in 2016, after leaving another station. He still runs podcasts on ericzaneshow.com .

Cumulus Media, a national radio corporation, posted on the 107.3 WBBL page, “The Thunder Country is back in West Michigan…and you get to enjoy all your commercial-free country right now on two frequencies…94-5 WTNR and 107-3 WBBL!”

Bruce Law ,VP Marketing Manager, tells FOX 17 the Huge Show will be syndicated on 18 stations, but it’s unclear which stations those will be. Friday evening, Michigan Media Network announced it would be taking over the Huge Show.

It will air on four frequencies in West Michigan: 106.1 FM and 1340 AM in Grand Rapids; 1490 AM and an undetermined FM frequency in Muskegon.

Eric Zane Twitter post

A Michigan Media Network release says the show will begin airing on the AM stations Monday. A start date for the FM frequencies wasn’t immediately clear.


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  • Sickofitall

    Great! Just what this market needed! Another crappy country station! Take a failing country station, change the name, and add it to 2 frequencies. Brilliant!
    I’m not even in the industry and I can see what a terd of a change that is!!!
    They had a decent line up on BBL! I listened to Zanes show, Dan Patrick, and Huge. Now I might get to hear Huge if I’m within 5 miles of their antenna! So what are those brilliant minds going to do with their national shows? Where did they go?

  • David Kivela

    This is crazy! I listen to Zane, Dan Patrick, and The Huge Show. I am not a country music listener, therefore I will be removing 107.3 from my two cars. I consider this to be a real bummer.

    • Sickofitall

      Exactly! Real country music ended in the mid 90s (maybe more like the 80s). If the new format was going to be like “THE DUKE 94.1” out of Lansing i may have considered keeping it on the preset . Either way, we lost a sports talk station with a good line up! I’m not happy! Those brilliant minds at work will figure that out too eventually ,but by then it’ll be too late.

  • Scott Weaver

    I turned in Saturday for MSU v Ohio State basketball 🏀 and was stunned not to hear the game. It’s very disappointing as I only listened for the Spartans and Lions. To go by one name as Huge seems presumptuous. He’s a prima donna! Only a few like Elvis or Cher can get away with that trick. Thanks.

  • John Schneider

    Well great, what about the Huge Show?
    Your new programming is laughably awful.
    I have taken you off my car radio file.
    Dumbass decision.

  • Darrell

    Did not always agree with Eric Zane but the show did make me laugh and was worth listening to. Jim Rome and Dan Patrick were my only escape from politics on the radio. The format change is horrible, I do not like country so they’ve lost me as a listener totally.

  • Jake

    Terrible change . Country is for kids . It’s nursery rhymes. 107.3 is complete garbage. I’ve listened to the Dan Patrick show for ten plus years on 107.3 . I can’t believe you mess with that many Michiganders at once . F country!

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