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Holland murder suspect awaiting arraignment

HOLLAND, Mich. - The suspect accused of murdering an Ottawa County teen has been arrested and is now awaiting arraignment.

Juan Sandro Cabrera, 18, could be arraigned in the case as early as Monday. He was wanted for the murder of Troy "TJ" Wells, 14, at the Hampton Inn in Holland on February 16.  

Cabrera was taken into custody by Michigan State police Friday morning on warrants of open murder, felony firearms possession and gang membership.  He has not yet been arraigned.

Cabrera's father was arrested on an outstanding warrant for a parole violation last weekend.


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    • Frank Troy

      I’m really glad he got caught amd spends his whole life rotting in jail. With that said, what makes you think they’re illegals? Just caise they’re Hispanics? Unless you hace records then i would understand

      • Anna

        He was born at here! Him and his entire family is all American. There was never anything said he was illegal. He is white, Indian and Mexican. Facts

    • Seriously???I'm

      He is a POS for sure! But @ George, what information had led to to believe/and or become so judgmental as to their deportation??? Do you have information about both that NOBODY else does?? Just because they are of Mexican decent DOES NOT mean that they’re in the USA undocumented! Just goes to show exactly the type of person you! Just because of your self righteous Caucasian status… Doesn’t give you the power to judge anyone of any race! “.Only God can judge”… Regardless of a persons religious beliefs and/or the “Higher Power” they believe in… What GOD or higher power gave you the belief that you deserve any more rights above any

      • Shedevil

        You ought to read what your preaching. How do you know he is Caucasian?? Then next sentence bust out a race comment. Lmao.

  • Chuck

    But the victims mom said that her son wasn’t in a gang? Pastor Willie said that these kids at Holland high join the gangs for protection. Protection from what? and after school job, good parenting, homework? I thought holland didn’t have a gang problem?

    • Seriously???

      My bad… I hit send before I was finished…. So….Above any other person??? Any person, any race, and any skin color, have equal rights and opportunities in the USA if their legal citizens, REGARDLESS of your skin color bullshit beliefs! You are a part of a major problem in this country! UNITY is key and somewhere you have assumed some sort of self righteous pride which includes demotion towards any race other than yours. Actually, it was made apparent that Hispanics, whether from Mexico, Guatemala, etc., are all here undocumented. NEWS FLASH!!!! If you’d open your eyes and heart, you’d learn that so many people are here legally. You see on the news a Hispanic name, and automatically assume that every Hispanic in the USA is undocumented and worse, a criminal. Well let me make assumptions (unfair because we’ve never met, but it’s what you do), about you…. You’re a self described person who feels entitled to the “white privilege” that’s 100% super overrated! You’re very obviously a 100% Trump supporter, as he is the most deceitful and racist President in history. His “secret ties and business interactions” with Russia, the country that his wife is an immigrant from which ties his children too, and that has been more than “friendly” with…where does the President OR you, gain the right to pass any judgment against, as if it’s only, or shall I say ALL Mexicans that have illegally entered the USA? Have you been to a gas station or party store…EVER???? How about a local pizza shop (other than Pizza Hut and Little Ceasers)???? Do you know how to research online in regards to crime and/or drugs from any other countries, or are you particular to Mexico? Have you ever needed your roof repaired? Have you ever purchased a new home and had it built from the ground up, along with beautiful landscaping? If so, what was the time frame from start to finish? Mexicans will build a mansion, landscape, etc., in a week or less. Let’s go to the Southern states and western states where the majority of the fruits and vegetables come from. How do you think we have the supply here in Michigan during our off seasons? Not only is it the hardworking Mexicans that contribute immensely, but the USA has no problem accepting products from the Asian countries, shipments from many Hispanic countries through the major ports on the eastern coast of Florida, etc. Do you honestly believe that it’s only food that enters the USA through the major ports in Florida??? Recently there was a huge drug bust in which the Canadian was only required to return to Canada, and he was not to ever again enter the USA. Had that been a Mexican, all hell would have broken loose. If you support Trumps bitch ass with his wall, then you should be fighting for a damn bubble around the entire USA.

  • Anna

    Hey can you guys one time write a article that only talkes about the defendant. I don’t know if you know this but he is not his father and never has been. :) Maybe the articles should actually be about the suspect. Just a thought. Last article too was two sentences about the suspect and 3 paragraphs about other family members that committed crimes when this Juan was a little kid. Just a thought.

    • Anna

      Oh and he and his entire family are all American citizens. Just remember the American right is a trial and not guilty until proven so. So if you want American rights, how about you give him his fair trial.

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