Thin blue line crossed: Officer shot, suspect killed in Kalamazoo

KALAMAZOO, Mich. — It's been said there's a thin blue line between order and chaos, and police separate the two.

Tuesday in Kalamazoo, that proved to be all too true. When officers responded to a call of shots fired at the Biomat USA Plasma Center, police say an employee at the Plasma Center shot an officer multiple times in the chest.

“He’s doing remarkably well and that bulletproof vest saved his life, it stopped the bullet,” Kalamazoo Police Chief Karianne Thomas said.

The officer's partner returned fire, killing the shooter.

Both are relatively new to law enforcement: the officer who was shot has been with the department for about two and a half years, his partner for eight months.

“The officers did exactly as they were trained. They should be commended for following the training they’re given, following all protocol and going into a situation they knew that there was an armed gunman,” Thomas said.

KDPS said they are thankful everyone is safe. Michigan State Police will be investigating the incident further.


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  • Unslaved

    Police actually do separate order and chaos…they make sure that chaos is winning on a daily basis. Order comes from knowing and following Natural Law. Chaos comes from knowing and following Man’s Law.

  • Matt

    Eww gross. Nothing worse than the worship of government agents. Thin blue line lmao what a joke. Yet, no one talks about the thin line police cross in abusing civil rights of people everyday. How mamy more unarmened people and family dogs have to die or private property stolen in so called civil asset forfeiture?

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