State dept. of Civil Rights holds hearings on GRPD, public interactions

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Hundreds of people attended public hearings held by the Michigan Department of Civil Rights at the Greater Grand Rapids NAACP, Thursday afternoon. The MDCR said it scheduled the two meetings to hear from community members about their interactions with Grand Rapids police.

MDCR director Agustin V. Arbulu said, “This hearing is an official step in what could become a formal investigation.”

Many residents told the Michigan Department of Civil Rights they’ve been profiled and treated unfairly by police. The state office called for the hearings after two recent events, including a man punched close to thirty times by an officer during a traffic stop. That officer, as a result, was placed on administrative leave.

Another incident involved an officer pulling his gun on two teenagers who refused to identify themselves after they were stopped for walking in the street. Interim chief David Kiddle said that officer followed protocol.

The case of veteran marine Jilmar Ramos-Gomez drew national attention. While in custody, police reported him to U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. That’s despite him having identification. The officer accused of racial profiling, Captain Curt Vanderkooi, was exonerated.

The MDCR said it’ll review citizen testimony and any letters submitted, then make a determination on how to move forward.

GRPD said it welcomes an external objective review and that they’re open to opportunities to better serve the community.

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  • C

    How many of the people who felt they were ‘profiled’ by the police were acting entirely within the law and being respectful at the time they were offended?

  • Sura

    Have to speak out. I’m against MDCR did unlawful discrimination against international deaf. MDCR support landlord , police and people. Bad apartment unhealthy cause smell chemical exhaust. Police harass, trapped, violate domest follow of me. Kentwood, MI apt. Someone master keys enter my apt and shot injection for my cat look as die. Then went to ER blue pearl replace another cat, but notice not my cat. Blue pearl vet and guys kidnapped my cat. Michigan first place dangerous theft steal for tampered storage access mafia gave guys i formation my address and shot injection drug dose high my cats. MDCR DID NOT INVEZTIGATION AGAI ST POLICE AND LANDLORD, it was guys bribed to MDCR COVERED UP

  • In the name of progress

    Breaking News:
    An unnamed individual has video evidence of the new governor in blackface performing a song and dance routine at a KKK rally

    • Sovereign Citizens Suk

      You can change your handle, but we all know you are the poster “unslaved” and you are spouting your sovereign citizen crap.

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