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School employee accused of abuse cleared by jury

KELLOGGSVILLE, Mich. – A school employee facing fourth-degree child abuse charges was acquitted Tuesday.

Tammie Burg pleaded not guilty to that charge in March, after a parent at the school had claimed she grabbed her daughter in October of 2018.

Becky Templin claimed she found bruises on her 4-year-old daughter’s arm that day, when the child told her Burg had grabbed her by the arm for taking too long in the bathroom. Templin received a follow-up call from the Kent Intermediate School District the next day, who then placed Burg on leave.

A jury acquitted Burg in just 20 minutes.

“Tammie Burg is extremely grateful for the hard work of the jurors,” said Burg’s attorney Fil Iorio. “They clearly reached the right decision in finding her not guilty. It was a stressful situation but she remained confident that justice would be served.”

Iorio said Burg will be taking some time off before deciding whether or not to return to education.

“I think there’s a larger issue here in that there are some folks who are too quick to disparage public employees – whether they be teachers, teachers’ aides, police officers – when the reality is a vast, vast majority are just like my client - hardworking, dedicated, and looking to do the right thing,” said Iorio.

“I feel like I failed my daughter,” said Templin, speaking to FOX17 Tuesday after the verdict. “Just be careful. Just make sure you pay attention to what the teachers do…if something happens to another child, fight for your kids. I did.”

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1 Comment

  • MethheadMom

    I remember this wretched meth-head mother on the news spouting off.
    So this teacher has had her career tainted, been arrested, and put through a trial that took 20 mins to find her not guilty. I hope she is compensated for what was obviously a rush to prosecute.
    Our educationally system failed when a teacher or principal could no longer dole out corporal punishment.

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