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Lawsuit: Ex-officer charged because of gender

Ofc. Chelsey Omilian - from Mattawan PD Facebook page

MATTAWAN, Mich. — A former Mattawan police officer has filed a lawsuit against the police department and Van Buren County prosecutor.

Chelsey Omilian was charged with reckless use of a firearm in November 2017 after firing several shots at a fleeing stolen vehicle. A jury eventually found her not guilty of the charge.

The lawsuit specifically names Van Buren County Prosecutor Michael Bedford, Mattawan Police Chief Scott Herbert and the Village of Mattawan.

Citing a separate incident where a male South Haven police officer shot at a moving vehicle containing a suspect, the lawsuit claims Omilian was only charged because she is a woman.

It also says Bedord made sexist statements while prosecuting the case, including questioning her fitness to be a police officer because of her gender.

Omilian is seeking damages, legal fees and to get her job back with the police department.

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    • Michael

      If she wins it’s our tax dollars she wins. The people named won’t pay out of pocket. You want her serving in your community? I don’t.

      As a cop you are responsible for every round you fire. She hit someone she wasn’t firing at. She then proceeded to pursue the suspect vehicle for a half mile to a mile without calling it out on the radio with a civilian in the cruiser! She was out of control with her driving almost running into other traffic.

      She failed her field training at Kalamazoo. Mattawan then hired her and neglected to properly put her through a full training program. If I were her that’s the way I’d go after Mattawan- not the female card.

  • Lp

    What a peice of shit. Police are nothing but protected orginized crime. Anyone supporting them or justifying their violent behavior is nothing more than an advocate of state violence.

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