Same-day psych urgent care center seeing success

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — A new facility is working to make mental health treatment more accessible.

Pine Rest opened its new psychiatric urgent care center in April.  The facility is the only one of its kind in West Michigan.

The new urgent care facility will allow anyone dealing with a mental health issue to walk in and be seen the same day.

"The average person suffering with depression or anxiety has done that for a long time and before they get up the courage to ask for help," said Program Director Megan Zambiasi. "Then when they do call and find out it will be a really long wait, that can be discouraging."

The name urgent care was chosen because it is already a familiar term in people's minds.

“Urgent care, the name alone, I think sounds familiar to people. People are familiar with what a medical urgent care is, what they do. So having something like that for psychiatric disorders is very similar," Zambiasi says.

“We’ve been seeing a lot of people that are brand new to us, that we’ve never seen before. And they tend to be, so far, a little bit younger than what we would usually see," she said.

Fore more information about what sort of situations the center can accommodate, visit their website.

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  • Evan Kearney

    Yeah…except for the fact that the peope you would think “need urgent mental health care”, which IMO (as a severerly mentally ill person) means Acute Psychomotor Agitation, is EXPRESSLY listed as a behaviroal cluster for which Pine Rest’s new spending of money will be ignoring. I considerd going twice, until I read the part about not taking into Agitated Mixed States (Bipolar Rage basically). So instead of going, then being civilly committed for fighting with their staff, I stayed home and had the most horrid suffering imaginable for days and days on end -all taking my meds perfectly as perscribed (ie: they don’t do much even with therapy – and I have Pine Rest’s best therapist IMO). They need OPIOID AGONISTS as treatment-of-last-resort of Suicidal Agitated States. Until that is realized, expect the rate of deaths to increase at least as it is currently. Combined with the Moral Scare on Opioids (most opioid deaths are likely suicides or people who lost their tolerance in Torture Camp — I mean inpatient rehab), I give a 60-75% chance of a parabolic increase in suicides up until the change is made. There is ONE other type of non-self-administratatable drug IMO would be useful for Bell’s Mania (the rage thing Pine Rest doesn’t care about treating in their Urgent Care)- it is the modulation of the Nocicepton Receptor in the Paranigral Nucleus of the Ventral Tegmental Area. Cell Press – Cell put out a GREAT articles (its paywalled so you know what to do if your in academia!). I think that is a potential blockbuster target, probably in the mild partial agonist (like G-i/o >> Beta-Arrestin bias).

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