GRPD: Crimes involving guns on the rise in 2019

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Grand Rapids police are ramping up efforts to prevent gun violence in the city, after a rash of shootings across the city in just a matter of days.

"We are definitely seeing an uptick," said Sgt. Dan Adams with the Grand Rapids Police Department after eight different shootings across the city in three days.

Interim Chief David Kiddle has been keeping tabs on crime throughout the city and says so far in 2019, the department has seen a 49% increase of reckless discharge of firearms into homes compared to last year.

There is also a small 8% increase in firearms being used in assaults and a 39% increase in robberies involving firearms this year, compared to 2018.

"There are too many guns out there and they are not being used responsibly," Adams said. "We need to take care of that."

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  • Rj

    Chief Kiddle, it’s not a gun problem it’s a people problem. Have you tracked the guns used ? Legally bought or stolen ? Does the city of Grand Rapids take part in the promise program that allows youth to have up to 4 misdemeanors a year before anything is done to them ? Are these guns being brought into GR via the Benton harbor or Chicago pipeline ? We in this country have a problem with the lack of structure in the home and the lack of discipline, garbage for music and garbage on TV, little punks who look up to thugs for role models, a gun does not fly around shooting people without an idiot on the back end of it. Do some real work chief and find out where these guns are coming from and when a criminal get in trouble you send the ATF that info so they can’t legally buy one.

  • lml25

    Police cannot get info from SEsiders when murders occur,let alone about who has guns,so that’s not going to happen.It’s up to whoever is raising these individuals to find weaponry and confiscate.That wont happen.It would’ve happened already if it was going to.This situation is not going to improve–look at Chicago,Baltimore,Philly and the rest.Once you get a large minority population,your city is finished–no solution except for gentrification.Bulldoze the ghetto–which is 70% of Grand Rapids now.

  • Ken

    Chief Kiddle is “keeping tabs” on gun crime? Why, so he knows how far we have to go to catch up to Chicago? If there are “too many guns” and they aren’t being used “responsibly”, then prosecute for the gun crimes committed, instead of allowing of plea bargaining the consequences straight down the toilet. You know, little laws like “felon in possession of a firearm”, “use of a firearm in the commission of a felony”…

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