Pride-themed street mural unveiled in Grand Rapids

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — An entire Grand Rapids road has been permanently transformed into a mural for LGBTQ pride.

The pride mural on Sheldon Boulevard is the first street mural in the city and for many, the now-brightly-colored road means a whole lot.

For the past seven days, Detroit artist Joey Salamon and three assistants put 40 gallons of paint on top of Sheldon Boulevard.

"My idea for it, is that it will become a destination thing that people will come down and take pictures with it," Salamon said.

“Rainbow Road” is now one of the largest public art installations downtown.

"We were trying to do a crosswalk mural and it turned into something so much larger so it’s been an ongoing process, but we are super happy that we could make it come to fruition," said Kimberly Van Driel, special events manager at Downtown Grand Rapids, Inc.

It's an idea that came nearly seven years ago from the owner of the Apartment Lounge, a historic gay bar that sits on Sheldon Boulevard.

The mural commemorates both Pride Month and the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots.

"I went to school at Grand Valley here, and came out around that time and being able to come back to the same city, 10 years later and do a project like this, it makes that full circle," Salamon added.



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  • Kevin Rahe

    No one should be discriminated against just because they experience same-gender attractions or feelings that are contrary to their gender. But some changes that have been made in our society supposedly on their behalf are harmful to others, especially children, and there are even worse changes on the drawing board.

    • gobluespartyon

      How is it harmful for the children you can just say it’s a rainbow and leave it at that what I’d say to my little kids if I had a little kid when they were older I’d tell them that the rainbow you see on the street is for pride month. I think that is awesome to rainbows on street forever.

  • Jason Walters

    you guys realize that Rainbow Road was a seriously deadly course in Mario cart … This is just asking for people to whip turtle shells at you while you’re trying to race down the road … power sliding corners … trying not to fall off the edge … is someone gonna be out there to patrol for people throwing bombs? where are the stars and the mushroom boosts gonna be located?

  • We the people

    Waste of time and money just like all the bike lanes on roads built for cars and they wonder why bikers are getting hit, you can’t fix stupid but a 2×4 can numb it.

  • Me

    I’m offended. They need one painted in Red,white and Blue for us straight folks to celebrate straight pride month.

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