South Haven Police take steps to ensure a safe 4th of July

SOUTH HAVEN, Mich.  — It was three years ago that violence broke out at North Beach in South Haven, prompting an evacuation leading up to the Fourth of July fireworks celebration.

South Haven Police have made many changes since then, and there were no significant problems the past two years. That included proactive monitoring and enforcement earlier in the day.

Logo from South Haven Police Department Facebook page 7-2-2019

The city’s police chief, Natalie Thompson, tells FOX 17 they retained a private security company to control access and conduct container searches at North Beach. That’s the largest of South Haven’s seven public beaches. “That, coupled with strong police presence and fencing along the entire perimeter (to the water line) with four entry points into the beach has been key.

“Second,” says Chief Thompson, “zero tolerance for alcohol and publicizing that with signage and media assistance  has been beneficial for getting the word out. Our goal is to deter anyone wanting to engage in activities negatively impacting public peace and, most importantly, public safety.  We are desirous of visitors to our beautiful beaches but not those who are disrespectful to others and violate the law.”

And to ensure the peace, the South Haven Police Department has more than 100 additional police officers from surrounding agencies to assist the city’s 20-officer police department, according to Chief Thompson.

“We are also fortunate to have great support from our community, as well.”

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1 Comment

  • Libertarians

    The police who can’t do the job hires a private firm that all of the residents could have voluntarily paid for themselves were unable to do so.
    The incentives to hire private security are replaced by a useless one that requires extortion of taxes.
    The useless police dept. acknowledges that they cannot handle the needs of the public.
    They clearly send the message there is no need for them to begin with.
    People need to start having more discussions about how to handle the needs of the community before begging the government to do it. Before extorting their neighbors to solve their personal security needs through extortion.
    Any community and its citizens have the legal right to arm themselves and provide all the security they could ever need. they also have the right to tell the police dept. to piss off.
    Take your community back patrol your own streets and stop recognizing the authority of your local government, they have none over you or your neighbors.

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