Godfrey-Lee officials meet with parents ahead of school year

WYOMING, Mich. — Parents at Wyoming Godfrey-Lee had a chance to ask any lingering questions about the middle and high schools Monday night.

School officials held a meeting with the parents to provide a progress update in the project to rebuild the buildings after the roof partially collapsed twice earlier this summer.

Many of the people in attendance Monday night felt their loved ones would be safe inside the building when school starts in two weeks.

“With having my sister here, I know that there is nothing that is going to happen to anything. Because he assured and that is pretty comforting to us. If he said it, I think that he is probably right,” said Amaris Salvatierra.

Superintendent Kevin Polston assured those at the meeting that the building is structurally secure and the areas that collapsed will be blocked off to ensure students’ safety.

“We felt very comfortable with the questions that we were asked again. These are their children. These are their most prized possession and they deserve good answers to tough questions,” Polston said. “And they have continued to ask us for reassurance and we have provided the documentation that supports that.”

School officials are still in the process of solidifying to contacts to repair the building.

The district expects it to take between 18 to 24 months to build a new wing and the cost will be over $1 million. Most of that is expected to be covered by insurance.

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1 Comment

  • BS

    Has anyone determined WHY the building partially collapsed in the first place ? ? ?
    Until this question has been answered and engineers can inspect to determine that the ‘condition’ does not exist elsewhere in the building, NOBODY can say the building is structurally sound.

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