ICE not renewing contract with Kent County

KENT COUNTY, Mich. — Kent County Sheriff Michelle LaJoye-Young says Immigrants and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has elected not to renew a contract with the county. She did not go into details as to why.

Kent County did undergo a policy change in January in regards to cooperation with ICE. Then, LaJoye-Young stated they would only cooperate with ICE if given a federal warrant by a judge or magistrate. LaJoye-Young they are still holding people consistent with that policy change in January.

LaJoye-Young also says this does not affect day-to-day operations at the sheriff’s department.

The contract ends September 30th, and it was ICE’s decision not to re-sign with Kent County, according to LaJoye-Young.

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  • Rj

    In other words the progressive county sheriff is part of a sanctuary policy putting illegals before your safety. Just wait until the Kent county sheriff releases a illegal who has killed or raped a little child. It’s amazing what the backbone of law enforcement has become and this progressive woman should have never been elected or appointed. In her jail she holds many Americans who have done far less then illegals being released after 30 days for killing and raping why no just let everyone out of jail ?

  • Better common sense

    You’re an idiot ☝. Once more all you read and write about is your political bias. Did you not know the root cause of this whole ordeal? Do some research for once. Utilize your time for something useful before you start barking nonsense. We know illegal immigration is an issue, but not the root cause of all of our problems. Get educated kid….

    • Ken

      People see what they see. Liberal bias is terrible and when they see opposition to their agenda like you have, you bully and degrade the others comments. Shame on you. You should educate with facts not be a Bully

    • Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

      Illegal Aliens = approx 7% of the population, yet are approx 43% of the Federal Inmates. Guess “Better Common Sense” this is not a problem in your tiny Progressive mind!

  • Stolen

    Illegal immigrants are people too, therefore they deserve to be kept safe coming all this way to a new country for a better life. They don’t come here to commit crimes. You are retarded if you believe immigrants are raping and killing people and then being let out of prison 30 days later.. That doesnt happen. Trump tells stupid people like u immigrants are bad so now ur scared blaming them for problems that were here long before them. Nobody comes to the US to kill and rape people. Thats a pretty long journey just to murder some white people trust me they dont gaf about u enough lol

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