GRPD investigating shooting off Leonard Street

Police investigate the scene of a shooting on Aug. 28, 2019 in Grand Rapids, Mich.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Grand Rapids police are investigating a shooting Wednesday night on the city’s northwest side.

Multiple vehicles are at a scene off Leonard Street near Long Road Distillers.

Information on what led up to the shooting wasn’t immediately available, but one man was hurt in the shooting.

Police said it isn’t related to the earlier incident near Union High School.


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  • lml25

    It’s ALL related.You see the baby mama is tired of no money,so baby daddy goes with the GBs to rob a phone store. Trying to sell these hot pieces of nothing,word gets out who did what and cuz they talked–they get shot. Everyone knows who did dat so someone else gets shot. Over and over.Or it’s drugs,hookers–all brought to you by liberal mayors,first– Heartwell– and now– Bliss,who hate law abiding whites,but welcome
    your low income gangbangers.

  • lml25

    Ladies and gentleman,another fine area to avoid after dark. Take a drive down Quarry,Hamilton,Turner either side of Leonard.–see how diverse our city has become.Better do it with the doors locked though.Actually,I’d skip sightseeing the area if I were you.

    • tiredofthecrapola

      Have to agree. Since Mayor Princess has taken over, our town is looking more & more like Detroit West, only with bicycle lanes.. The low life’s have been pushed North and West, after completely infesting the SE side. Diverse my arse.. Ghetto Ratz is a much better, and more descriptive term…

  • Educated

    You stupid idiots ☝ always have to go racial. We all know deep down how you feel about diversity. You don’t dare say anything in writing because thankfully there are laws in place that diminish the chances of illiterates to intimidate others with baseless rhetoric statements. You know bad things happen everywhere in our country. Stop making it seem like other areas where wealthier individuals are crime free. Imbeciles.

  • lml25

    Autocorrect seems a lot more educated than “Educated”.You damn right it’s racial. ELEVEN MURDERS this year–all black.Shootings every week–not one was whitey pulling the trigger. It’s racial,but not RACIST. Muskegon,Kalamazoo,Benton Harbor–all the murders and shootings are done by black perps.Let’s go to Chicago and Detroit,St.Louis, Philadelphia and Houston. The prosecution rests.

  • stop the madness

    After being raised with pride and dignity on the westside in the 50s-70s it is heartbreaking to see the area being turned into a shot hole.

    • Sillyoldme

      You are a absolutely correct on that fact. It was a neighborhood where people OWNED their homes and took pride in them and their neighborhood. We can thank what is now renting….

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