Prosecutors offer plea deal to suspect in murder, mutilation case

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Kent County prosecutors have offered a plea deal to a man accused of killing and dismembering a woman in his apartment last year.

The deal would allow Jared Chance to avoid a mandatory life sentence without the possibility of parole in exchange for him telling investigators the whole story of what happened to Ashley Young.

Chance is accused of murdering the 31-year-old Young at his Grand Rapids apartment, dismembering her body and getting rid of the remains in different spots. He was arrested Dec. 2 after a neighbor found blood in a basement he shared with Chance and called police.

Officers recovered parts of Young’s body from a tarp and a bag in a box in the basement.

Investigators still haven’t been able to find Young’s head, hands and feet.

The proposed plea deal would have Chance make a full confession and say where her missing body parts are located. If he agreed, he would plead guilty to second-degree murder, tampering with evidence, mutilation of a dead body and concealing death.

For those pleas, he would receive a minimum sentence of 31 years in prison and a maximum sentence that would be set by a Kent County Circuit Court judge.

A hearing for the plea is expected to happen Monday morning — the same day his murder trial was scheduled to begin.

His parents, James and Barbara Chance, are facing a charge of felony perjury for allegedly helping their son cover up Young’s death. Prosecutors didn’t specify if those cases will be affected by the proposed plea deal.

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  • tiredofthecrapola

    I can’t believe Ms. Young’s family is OK with this. Where is the Justice in letting this POS plead to a lesser offense and get the chance to breathe fresh air some time in the future, while this poor woman was killed an mutilated..

  • Sillyoldme

    This is totally wrong. Prosecutors are dealing with this killer for body parts. Either way, this young lady was murdered in a most horrendous way.
    This man deserves NO chance of ever seeing the light of day outside of prison ever again. Even after serving maybe 31 years do you not think he wouldn’t do the same thing over again!?

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