Meijer asks customers not to open carry in stores

Fremont Meijer

Courtesy Meijer

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — After reviewing its policies on guns and ammunition, Meijer is asking customers not to open carry guns in its stores.

On Monday, they released a statement via Twitter saying:

“The safety of our customers and team members is our top priority, so we respectfully request that our customers do not open carry firearms at Meijer. We’ve made this decision because open carry can create an environment that makes our customers and team members feel unsafe.”

Last week, officials with the company said they were reviewing policies following recent mass shootings.

A statement from a Meijer spokesperson says they have made several changes to policies regarding ammunition, which includes raising the age of purchase.

Meijer isn’t the first store to ask its customers not to open carry, both Kroger and Walmart also made similar requests recently.

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      • Ed

        By MI open carry law you should not open carry anyway in places that sell alcohol (law change done back in April 2018).
        People need to follow the law and law updates.

        • Ken

          Thats a good point, however, it is incomplete. MCL 750.234d only applies to people who do NOT have a CPL. If someone has a CPL, they may carry concealed or openly in a store that sells alcohol. Therefore, the only people who are lawfully openly carrying in a store that sells alcohol are those who possess a valid CPL. I would refer you to Michigan State Police “legal update #86” for a detailed breakdown of Michigan carry laws.

  • Ken

    That is some first class virtue signaling right there. Well done Meijer, you’ve made your emotionally fragile customers and “team members” feel safe because they won’t have to see the guns people are *still actually carrying*. Out of sight, out of mind (very small mind).

    Be sure to post large signs prominently so everyone knows not to open carry, and to show how in tune you are with social justice. You might want to move your ammunition display to a locked side room too, wouldn’t want anyone to “feel unsafe” should they happen to wander through the sporting goods section. Golly, Michigan is so safer much now!

  • Ken

    Very impressive virtue signaling there, Meijer. Can’t have your emotionally fragile team members or customers to feeling unsafe, now can we?? Now they can just feel paranoid because everyone is carrying concealed instead of openly. Oh well, out of sight, out of (small) mind…

  • C

    I shop at the Meijer at 28th and Kalamazoo a great deal for many years, and I’ve never seen anyone open carrying in the store and that suits me just fine. Maybe it’s a little paranoia on my part, but I don’t get a warm fuzzy feeling about anybody, sane or looney tunes, open carrying anywhere in public. But, after this policy announcement, I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t start happening. Thanks, Meijer.

      • C

        Sorry I didn’t make that clear for those of you that can’t guess my intent. Of course I’ve cops in the store and that’s fine. I was referring to the general public and didn’t mean to make you think that hard.

        • Matt

          A badge doesn’t make you qaulified to shoot a gun. It just gives you immunity from any violence you committed against the public. Government track record is worse when it comes to murder rates with a weapon. But here you are like a dumbass advocating only government being able to have a monopoly on force.
          Ask the chinese how having a different opinion than what government tells them is goin.

  • J

    THAnks for keeping us all safe I can’t ever remember a mass shooting happening in a gun free zone ! I too will not be bringing my family into any gun free zone because I value life. Here is something Fox News will never inform you of that every one of the mass shooters had prozac in their system this information comes from their toxicology report And every one was getting psychiatric up at one point in time we don’t need better gun laws we need big Parma to stop being aloud to sell poison to are citizens causing the problems we are having with crazy people

  • stop the madness

    I was brought up in a hunting and fishing family. Although I rarely handle a gun these days I am not afraid of them. I am afraid of nut jobs who run around with a gun and a bug up their butt just waiting to take it out on innocent people that won’t be firing back. I am thankful for all the lawful gun toters who may be able to save my life some day. I like shopping at Meijer but I would rather they didn’t make any statements regarding guns because I believe it only invites the mentally ill and evil people to use its stores for target practice.

  • Matt

    The weak cower in fear to cowards. That’s how terrorism works. And it really has done its job. Congrats on turning the defenseless and your property into soft targets.

  • Sillyoldme

    Just a Meijer suggestion to make you feel warm and fuzzy. They cannot change law. It would, however, benefit them to pay their employees a fair livable wage and actually look at what they are hiring!

    • Michael

      It’s more than a suggestion. It’s private property. You can follow the rules of the property owner or be told to leave and never come back. It’s no different than you deciding who is welcome at your house.

  • Corey J Charlton

    Who wants to place bets that These stores get robbed more frequently and are all far more likely to be targets of mass shootings. I’m just going to say it now because I know it’s coming…… “I TOLD YOU SO!”

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