Grand Rapids arson suspect arrested

Surveillance footage a suspect in two attempted arsons at a home in Grand Rapids, Mich.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Police have arrested a man accused of trying to set fire to a home in Grand Rapids.

Rafael Torres-Mondoza, 23, was arrested Thursday after investigators released surveillance footage showing a man trying to burn a home on Swensberg Avenue in Grand Rapids.

Investigators say Torres-Mondoza told them he has bad memories from when he lived at the home and doesn’t have any affiliation with the current residents.

Police said the home had experienced two arson attempts since the beginning of September.

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  • C

    Torres-Mondoza sounds like he’s just a little loco en la cabeza. Even though he’ll get a slap on the wrist, he’d better be watched in the future.

    • Mary Hoffman Lynch

      LML25 – Really?? Are you racist much?? Don’t group all Mexicans with illegal immigrants because they are not. Obviously this guy isn’t a perfectly law abiding citizen since he is trying to commit arson but it does not give you the right to talk crap about an entire race! Most Mexicans in this country are just as American as you are. This country is made of foreigners, aside from the Native Americans, so learn to judge people for who they are and not their skin color or race because we are all Americans, not only whites! If you can’t do that maybe you should deport yourself!

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