Wyoming couple pleads guilty in child’s dehydration death

WYOMING, Mich. — The parents of a 1-year-old boy who died of dehydration have pleaded guilty to charges of second-degree murder and child abuse.

Alexander Birkenmeyer and Andrea Todd were accused of neglecting their son Yurik until he died in March 2018.

Yurik weighed 22 pounds when he was found dead at the couple’s Wyoming home. He had been removed from their home by Child Protective services in January 2017 after other people shared concerns for the child, but he was returned to their care that fall.

Court records show the couple had another child die in March 2015 because of unsafe sleeping conditions. Their daughter died from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome from sleeping next to one of her parents.

Birkenmeyer is facing a 20-year minimum sentence for the murder charge. Todd’s minimum sentence is set at 16 years in prison, but the judge can choose anything up to the maximum.

Both are scheduled to be sentenced Oct. 31.

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  • Ej

    The grandparents should file a lawsuit against the child protective services while lobbying for both parents to be sterilized in prison.

      • Rachel11

        How can it be an accident if the child died of dehydration? The first one could have been an accident, but after a second child dies in their care, it’s a little suspect to say the least. Neglect is the only explanation for a baby dying of dehydration. What an awful way to go, poor little baby. CPS sure didn’t protect him, and I’m pretty sure that’s their only job; protecting children, especially vulnerable ones.

    • CM

      COMMON CENTS- Why are you so sure a death sentence is the answer? Do you know this couple? Do you know what did or did not occur that caused this result?

  • Fools

    Hold on a second before sitting in judgement.

    A baby does not die of SIDS from sleeping next to the mom. I cannot even believe this is printed. And before any one of you talk a bout killing people and harvesting their organs!!!! What kind of sick bastard are you!!! You need help. Your broken to even suggest that.
    Let’s have some facts about the case? Did they do drugs and neglected the baby? I can see that they are not the Ivy League type, but I would want to know a little more about why we should kill them.

    • WagTheDog

      The cause of SIDS is listed as unknown. Be we all know to NOT place a baby stomach down into bed and to NOT let a baby sleep with us for fear of smothering. Each often causes death by asphyxiation … what I personally think is the primary cause of SIDS.

      These lowlife, low IQ parents either did not want the work and loss of freedom that parenting entails and “killed” the child as they quite likely did their first child … OR … they are just too damned dumb or drugged up to know the simple rules of parenting an infant. Either way they’re guilty of 1st degree manslaughter at a minimum.

      • Tripletmama

        God bless you! Hope no accidents ever happen to any family or friends you know.

        As Far as SIDS go, it’s not cause parents sleep next to thier child! It’s more putting 5hem on thier tummys when they cant lift thier head, its suffocation due to something blocking nose or mouth. I’m gonna be really blunt here, I have 5 kids I did what worked my household! I’m not gonna lie, I slept with my kids when they were sick in my bed but I also bought lifted bassinets beds that were put in the middle of my husband and I to make sure he was protected. Stop judging based on the words SIDS! We need more information than that.

      • CM

        WAGTHEDOG – While I agree SIDS is not fun for anyone who has had children, I wonder if babies as young as their first child just ‘forget’ to breathe. Is it possible? Sure a baby could roll onto something like a blanket or someone’s clothing, preventing them from getting adequate air, it could also happen when the child is asleep alone in it’s own bed.
        This couple are not low-life’s, nor are they of low IQ. One worked outside the home while the other stayed at home to avoid having to pay for a sitter.
        Neither child was “killed” as you put it, “as they quite likely did their first child”. Nor were they “dumb or drugged up”. I will not believe “they are guilty of 1st degree manslaughter” either.

    • CM

      FOOLS – Thank you for your non-judgmental comment. You’re correct that they are not the Ivy League type, but many are not and do just fine raising their children. They did not do drugs nor do I believe was there intent to do harm, but it happened. A level of neglect, perhaps, but again, without intent to cause this result.

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