Founders withdraws from Detroit beer festival

Founders Brewing Co. in Grand Rapids

DETROIT — Founders Brewing Company has pulled out of this weekend’s Detroit Fall Beer Festival.

The annual event will be at Eastern Market and feature 125 breweries that are a part of the Michigan Brewers Guild.

Founders has received backlash recently after a lawsuit was filed claiming a former employee experienced multiple incidents of racial slurs being used at the workplace. The lawsuit alleges the man tried to take a day off to report the issues to human resources, but was pressured to report to work instead.

The man was fired the next time he went to work, the lawsuit says. Founders claims he was fired for poor job performance.

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  • Tim

    Why would they receive backlash? That lawsuit is standard operating procedure for half the people you hire out of the hood. Tried to take the day off to talk to HR or just wanted the day off? I’ve worked with people that pull the race card as soon as something doesn’t go their way, it has companies on their tiptoes for crap like this and people like me cynical about giving people a chance. It’s even more fun to watch race politics clash with union policies/seniority, the company just goes into a panic and lets everyone have their way.

    • Lisa

      The backlash is because his boss, whom he had known for 8 years, tried to claim he didn’t know he was black – In front of a judge!! That is not the right way to defend yourself. I recommend reading the transcript if you feel like banging your head on your keyboard. It’s so ridiculous I thought I was reading the onion at first.

      • Payl

        Oh look, here’s the family member that wants the money, or maybe a PR account for the lawyer? A lawyer wouldn’t be discussing this, so let’s go with beneficiary. I too, thought I was reading the onion when I read this article.

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