Baby Recovering After Left On Dirt Road

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

NEWAYGO COUNTY, Mich.---The Newaygo County Sheriff Department says the newborn baby found on a dirt road near Diamond Lake Monday morning is recovering and doing well.

The baby is expected to stay 2-3 more days at DeVos Children's Hospital.

The baby will then be turned over to CPS (Child Protective Services) pending the investigation.

The Newaygo County Prosecutor's office will review the report when they receive it possibly within a week.

Officials told FOX 17 News Tuesday the teen mother who lives nearby where the baby was left may face possible charges.



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    • Lauren

      Are you serious?! You are just as sick as she is for thinking that this poor excuse for a human being should get another chance at hurting or possible killing this baby again! Shame on you!!

      • Jess

        “Poor excuse for a human being” ? Really? You should be the one ashamed for making such a self-righteous judgment. You don’t have any right to make that kind call. Get over yourself.

      • Amanda

        I’m with you Lauren. It was already so easy for her to drop her baby on the side of the road, next time she could drown it or suffocate it. She doesn’t deserve that baby.

  • Heather

    I feel bad for everyone involved. The 14 year old girl obviously has had a rough time or two in her life and obviously no parental guidance. The poor baby would have followed in its mothers steps. That baby should not go back to its mother or anywhere near that house. Ever. Poor thing. I would gladly adopt the little nugget. It deserves a chance at life with a good family. The family it was born into is not it.

  • me

    Praying the baby continues to improve and they find him/her an amazing family. As far as the mother… she knew what was right and what was wrong and throwing your baby away like it was a peice of trash was wrong. 14 years old or not. She should be held responsible as well and NEVER get the baby back.

  • Judy

    Reports last night said that the girls father knew that she was pregnant…did they know when the baby was due? If so, why was she left alone? Where was her mother? Things are not adding up here. There are too many holes in this story so far…

  • Kristal

    She better face charges considering the fact that even a 14 year old TEENAGER (not a child) knows better than to throw an innocent newborn and ALIVE baby on the side of a dirt road. She needs serious help or she will only do it again after getting away with it!
    No punishment would lead her and other pregnant teen moms to believe its okay to do that to your baby since their was no punishment for it.
    I had a few very close friends that got pregnant at 14/15 years old and they stepped up to the plate and took care of their precious babies.
    Many 14 year olds and even younger girls get pregnant at that age and don’t leave their child on the side of a dirt ROAD. This mother treated her baby like garbage and then left her newborn to die.
    Can you imagine how frightened/cold/and terrified her baby was?!
    It’s absolutely sickening.
    Most 5 years take care of their plastic baby dolls better then this teen mom treated her ALIVE, INNOCENT, PRECIOUS baby.
    She deserves more than just a mental institute for teenagers.
    She’s not crazy.
    She’s just a selfish person that didn’t want to step up to the plate and take care of the baby she created by choosing to have sex at a young age.
    She needs to be locked up for a while.
    Hopefully her getting the shit scared out of her will change her fucked up ways of thinking and she will never do this again.
    Hopefully it will also teach other young moms that there’s repercussions for your actions that caused another individual any type of harm or danger.
    Especially a baby that can’t even defend themselves, speak up, or seek help.
    She is a despicable, not normal, disgusting human being.
    Women have resources that they can turn to. No woman has any excuse to do this to a baby when services are offered to pregnant girls that will safely protect their children.
    Example: your newborn baby can be dropped off at a hospital within 3 days after he/she was born. The nurses are trained what to do. Woman are anonymously able to leave their child with the stuff. NO questions asked.
    There’s always the option of adoption! Many woman can’t have children and would love to actually take great care of the child.
    There is options so I don’t care to hear any of the excuses these heartless woman make.

  • Ben

    Who are we to judge this young girl? I use young girl because that is what she is. She is not a grown educated woman. If your going to judge her as such be sure she gets to buy tobacco at 14. Get a full time job at 14. Drop out of school on her own demand. Get government assistance on her own. Oh. She deserves a drivers lisence and all the student loans for an education she won’t have the time to complete because she is busy being crucified by self-ritious,judgemental nacasistic DBs. Get real people. No one has heard a thing from or about this YOUNG GIRL’s parents or home life. Or the father of this poor baby. Amazing how quick we are to slam, judge, and accuse our fellow human without having the common decency to hear their story.


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  • Steve

    I agree that she should be punished for what she did, but none of us know the reasons why she did it. Maybe her father threatened to kill the baby when she had it, we just don’t know. I’m sure all the details will come out sooner or later, for all you quick to judge assholes, how many times have you made a mistake you wish now that you would have never made? How were your decision making skills when you were scared out of your mind at 14? ESPECIALLY about something so HUGE. I say give the girl a chance to redeem herself, get her help. There are options for her, options that maybe weren’t made very clear to her before.. Counseling, adoption, and the list goes on. Don’t be so quick to judge, I bet you’re all “christians” as well.