More customers allege poor service, demand refund from snow plow company

JENISON, Mich. -- A local snow plow service is under fire after allegedly taking money from customers and failing to deliver.

Kathy and Nathan Terpstra of Jenison say that they paid ProScape Lawn and Snow $310 to keep their driveway cleared for the season.  Like others FOX 17 has talked to, they accuse the Hudsonville-based snow plow service of poor communication and failing to refund their money.

"I'm kind of glad we're not alone, because it may be a fight," Kathy Terpstra said.

The Terpstras paid for the service after receiving a flier and say service was poor from the start.

"Frankly, it never really got off the ground unfortunately," Nathan Terpstra said. "The first time we got some snow, they didn't come out."

FOX 17 previously profiled other customers who have had similar experiences with ProScape.  Since then, many more have reached out to the Problem Solvers.  They accuse the company of not showing up after heavy snowfall or doing lackluster work.

The Terpstras say they cancelled their service with ProScape on Dec. 12.  Despite this, they say the owner, David Teachout, came out two days ago with his truck.

"Which we had already plowed our driveway, and he came and plowed a half an inch of snow," Nathan said.

The Terpstras say the company has only given excuses for their performance, like having to fire an employee for drug use.  They also say they were told another employee had a death in the fmaily.

While they were initially understanding, the couple and other customers say they just want their money back.

"We signed up for a service. We paid for the service. The service hasn't been provided," Nathan said.

FOX 17 stopped by ProScape's business address in Hudsonville.  There was no answer.   We also called and left a voicemail, which was not returned.

"We want our money back. We've said to him, 'You won't hear another word from us if you just simply give us our refund,'" Nathan said.  "We just want.. they told us we could request a refund, we have yet to see it."


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  • Edward Steenbergen

    We have had the same terrible experience with Proscape that the others have complained about. They plowed 2 times early on and never came back. Many of the same excuses were given. We paid them $325.00 in October expecting service. We have left 4 messages on their answering machine and emailed them but haven’t heard from them. My wife and I have both had knee surgery on the past 2 months and are unable to shovel. We just want our money back so we can hire another company.

  • Annette VeNard

    Proscape is not the only snowplowing service that has treated their customers in this fashion. Last year, we had the same problem with a different local service provider. His answer to our problem was that we had no recourse because the flyer does not constitute a contract. We cancelled service promptly and continued to pursue refund. We only received a partial refund and decided to walk away with partial victory. I would be hard pressed to hire one of these companies that demand full payment at the beginning of the season.

  • Josalyn

    We are having the same problem. We have called several times and no answer at all. They haven’t plowed for over 2 weeks.

  • Lisa Robert

    I too have not received my $305 refund from this company. I spoke with Kelly Teachout before Christmas and was promised a certified check in a couple of days. Still waiting!

  • Diana Jacobson

    It is January 11th and still have not received my refund from this company. $260 basically thrown away with no recourse. Wondering how long I have to wait for this or if they EVER will follow through with their promise on Fox17 Problem Solvers that they will reimburse.

  • Judy Brechting

    I am a Proscape client.Talked to someone on January 2nd and told him I wanted to terminate my contract and wanted my money back. He said I would be getting my money back. It is January 11 and have not received my money back. Did receive an email however basically stating that they were over whelmed with cancellations and they were seeking legal guidance and are unsure of the outcome. They have my money and I have nothing to show for it.Am very upset about this. Not right at all.