18-year-old dies after officer-involved shooting on Grand Rapids’ SE side

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Grand Rapids police say an 18-year-old probation violator has been shot and killed in an exchange of gunfire with officers.

Sgt. Terry Dixon says the man died at a hospital following the shooting at about 12:30 p.m. Wednesday in the 1300 block of Dickinson SE.

Dixon says the man refused to comply with officers' commands, produced a handgun and fired at the officers. He says officers returned fire until the suspect was unable to continue shooting.

Malik Carey, undated courtesy photo.

Family members have identified the man who was shot as Malik Carey.

"I was in school at my English class and my mom called,” says Brooklyn Walton, Carey's cousin. “So we went to the hospital and they come out and tell us he was shot in the chest and the head and is on life support and unresponsive. And his mom had to make the decision to pull the plug.”

The investigation has been turned over to Michigan State Police. Police say that there are other people being questioned, but no one else is in custody.

No officers were hurt.

This is the third shooting involving a Grand Rapids police officer this year. In March, an officer shot at a fleeing suspect, but missed. A suspect in a stabbing and carjacking in a Meijer parking lot was later shot by an officer as he tried to flee from arresting officers. On Tuesday, a prosecutor determined that officer was justified in shooting that suspect.

The Associated Press contributed to this report

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  • Old Bob

    I am glad to know our police officers are not afraid to use their guns when needed. I would be happier if they were a little better shots and would put down the scum they are shooting at once and for all. The court system sure doesn’t seen to be working.

    • Michael

      For you to say you wish the officer was a better shot shows your lack of knowledge on the topic.

      Police don’t shoot to kill. They shoot to stop the threat. Yes sometimes it ends in the suspect being killed however that isn’t the goal. In this case it sounds like the officer stopped the threat just fine.

      • yeppers

        your story . getting shot at once is his fault ,letting the perp. get more multiple shots off at me is my fault .

        • Michael

          You’ve been watching too many movies. A suspect with a fatal shot through the heart can still fire his weapon for at least 10 more seconds. If the suspect is determined he will get multiple shots off and there’s nothing you can do about it.

  • Bud

    If you open fire at the police and get shot by them, you are not the victim. Doug Reardon needs to really look at what the difference is between victim and suspect when providing the story on the 5pm news.

  • steve

    Apparently the guy died. No tears here. But with the guy’s lengthy record, I’d like to know how in hell was he on probation to begin with? He should have been in prison. If he was he’d likely still be alive.

      • Harley

        Hate to break it to ya Steve, but you only have so much control over your children especially once they become adults. We can do the best we can and usually that’s enough but not always. There are a lot of outside influences on our kids lives, TV, video games, friends, mental health issues and in some cases abuse by classmates or other people and no matter how good of a parent you think you are you can NEVER control every aspect of your children’s lives. Once they start making their own decisions there’s very little you can do to stop them if they really want to do something. I don’t know about you but once I was out of my parents house there was nothing they could say to stop me from doing what I wanted to do. Granted, they could advise me but whether or not I took their advise was my choice.

    • Jessie

      I see that the moderators remove your racist post about how you hate white people.
      You know, because white people made this man pull out a gun and start shooting at police.
      You are part of the problem!

  • Old Bob

    What I don’t understand is why so many young black men feel they need to have a gun to be a man. It certainly is not their fault. Its society and their parents fault, what went wrong when he was a child that lead him to a life of crime

  • Jessie

    I see fox has censored the comments again, too bad that they cannot leave things alone.
    It’s fake news to gloss over a racist posting crap!

  • Ben

    Someone said “you wouldn’t feel that way if it was your child”.. I would. If my child is in possession of a gun, he most likely is up to no good and if the police tell him to put the gun down and put his hands up, that is exactly what he should do. If he doesn’t, it is his choice to challenge the police in a gun fight. First of all, this young man was on probation., he had violated his probation., he’s riding around with a gun which you know he had no license to carry. The whole debate here is nothing but an attempt to bring racism into the mix because this thug was black. Why else would anyone see this for more than it is. I watched the body cam video of this incident and once this guy exited the car, he should have done so without the gun in his immediate possession ( that is., left the gun in the car ) and thrown himself to the ground. That’s not what he did and it cost him dearly. I’m a black man and yes, I’d mourn his death but I sure wouldn’t be putting the blame for the outcome on anyone but my kid.