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Godfrey-Lee students hold walkout to protest mascot name change

Students held a walkout on May 10, 2019 at Godfrey-Lee High School in Wyoming, Mich.

WYOMING, Mich. — Around 40 students walked out of Wyoming Godfrey-Lee High School to protest the decision to change the name of the school’s mascot.

In February, the Godfrey-Lee Board of Education voted to phase out the use of the Rebels mascot because the name “and the associated symbolism and historic relationship did not reflect the diversity” of the district.

The district has involved its students in the name-change process, but some of them say they feel like their voices aren’t being heard.

“We decided to walk out today because our school shouldn’t change the Rebel name, and they’ve been giving us opportunities to voice our opinion, but every single time we try to voice our opinion they never listen,” said sophomore Adriana Landis. “So, we’ve come to this as our, not solution, but hopefully they hear our voice.”

The school recently released a list of the top 10 names being considered by an “Identity Committee” and school board members, which didn’t include Rebels.

Landis says a lot of students don’t want the name changed and the opinion of students isn’t being heard by school officials.

“It seems like, to us, that the board already has their decision, that they’re not really listening to us, they already have their decision and they’re just doing this to make themselves look good,” Landis said.

A district release says the process to change the school’s mascot was thorough and involved all members of the community.

The students who took part in the walkout will receive an unexcused absence, per rules outlined in the student handbook.

“While we preserve our students’ First Amendment Rights, we must preserve the sanctity of the learning environment to be free from disruption,” a district release says.

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  • Not racist not violent but no longer silent

    Good for them! Nothing wrong with the rebels!! PC correctness gone amok. We the majority are tired of the minority victims.

      • Nyah

        Later in the day me and my friends ran out of the building along with others. By the end of the day more than half of the school was out and we ordered pizza and had a little party. I mean we were standing out there the whole day hungry. It was a crazy but fun experience. We all got sent to Friday school for 4 hours but I didn’t go lol.

  • steve

    The students have more character to stand for what’s right than the spineless adults who bow to the ‘demands’ of political correctness. Stay the course, kids, and you’ll win.

  • Kyle Goodchild

    There is nothing wrong with what the school is doing, you “Adults” should be ashamed. They can change the name if they want. There is school of choice, they can go somewhere else. The kids said they were given opportunities to speak about their wants, the school doesn’t have to listen to them. The school district also put out a list, so there are choices. Rebels is offensive, it doesn’t matter if it’s offensive to you. The Confederacy was an evil idea….rebels that embrace that, I have no idea why you are naïve enough to talk about this, unless you just want to hear yourselves speak.

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