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GRPD confirms shots fired into 2 houses on Lynch Street SW

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Grand Rapids police are investigating after shots were fired Tuesday night into two houses on the city's southwest side.

Police responded shortly before 8 p.m. The location was on Lynch Street, between Clyde Park and Century avenues, about five blocks north of Burton Street SW.

Grand Rapids Police Department Sgt. Dan Adams tells FOX 17 there were no injuries. There was no early word on who fired the shots, or why.

It was the eighth confirmed report of shots fired in Grand Rapids since Saturday.

6-25-2019 Lynch St SW,

A series of shootings that began late Saturday night and ended Sunday morning have kept city police busy. You can see specific locations via the GRPD crime-mapping tool.

A community forum was held Tuesday night at the Grand Rapids Public Schools Franklin Administration Building, where city leaders solicited public input and discussed possible ways to curb the violence.

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  • lml25

    “It’s a free for all.”I guess they didn’t come up with a plan tonight to fix the BIG problem of minority violence.Do our leaders (lol) honestly think that a meeting,a prayer vigil a community outreach program will stop this stuff in Grand Rapids–when cities like Chicago,Baltimore,Detroit and many other thug towns can’t stop it there?They’ve tried everything and failed–why?You know why–and so do I.

  • Rj

    A gun has never been able to fly around shooting people without an idiot behind it, we don’t have a gun problem we have a lack of discipline in every aspect of home and society. Little thug punks mimicking their heroes of music and TV, no parental involvement and searching their kids belongings, Guns being brought in from other cities while kids and young adults joining gangs roam free without being addressed.

  • Dawn E Mango

    This is the 3rd or 4th shooting at the SAME DAMN HOUSE, in a year and a half. She quit because of it and she was a fantastic nurse. Kids are running all over outside and it happens during play outside hours . It has been a miracle that no one has been hurt. I work as a homecare nurse and my co-worker’s car was shot. Three shootings in a year at the same house, yet I never ever see police patrol this street. They only come after something happens. A police presence needs to be known. If this happened in my neighborhood a police car would stay parked outside…wait there already is at least 5 days a week, giving speeding tickets for 5 miles over.

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